Exciting New Dinosaur Project!

How current is your dinosaur knowledge? The Ouranosaurus was a new one for me – lesser known as it is one of the southern hemisphere dinos and a herbivore.

The Ouranosaurus is one of 2 new designs I am creating for the Royal Ontario Museum’s upcoming exhibit, ‘Ultimate Dinos’. It’s so much fun to be learning about dinosaurs all over again…it’s phenomenal how much richer the knowledge of dinos is in the 35 or so years since I first learned about them!  In my research, I’ve gotten to speak with Julius Csotonyi – a mind-blowingly talented paleontological artist who is based in Winnipeg.  His artwork will be all over the exhibit and I have been consulting with him to decide which dinos to build and what colours & textures to use.  Visit his website (linked above) to see his incredible artwork – your kids will LOVE it!  Can’t wait for my fabric to arrive so I can start building! Stay tuned for updates and photos!