Web-Launch & Contest

(This contest is now closed)

Wheeeeee! It’s a super-exciting day!  My editorial Fairy Godmothers are going to shoot me for overuse of exclamation points…(not to mention excessive use of capital letters)…but I’M EXCITED and I want the world to know!  Within hours this website and our new blog are going live for the first time and FINALLY all the work of the past several months can be shared with our awesome community of creative families.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we have some specials on our online store  that are too good to miss (just click the ‘shop online’ tab above).  Our beautiful little Knights Armour is on sale for $30 (regular $49) for the month of August only.  Get a great deal and tuck away an amazing gift for that special kid in your life!

Since we’re so darned excited, we’re also giving away 4 prizes this month!

1st Prize – A Knight’s Armour with a special one-of-a-kind crest, customized for an awesome kid in your life!  Imagine giving that kid armour with a crest with their favourite animal, initial or emblem on it!

2nd Prize – A Classic Supercape in your choice of size or colour (including adult-sized!)

3rd Prize – A Crown – your choice of any of our styles

Bonus Prize – We haven’t decided what this prize will be yet – but we will give it to the person who submits our very favourite costume memory.

There are 2 ways to enter (please choose only one!)

1. Post on our Facebook Page wall between August 1 and August 31, 2012.  Share with us your favourite dress-up memory  or anecdote.

2. Not a facebook user? No problem – email us between August 1 and August 31, 2012 with subject line – Costume Memory Contest and share your favourite dress-up memory or anecdote.

The winners of our 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be selected at random in the first week of September from all the email entries and Facebook posts and we will share some of our favourite entries on our blog in September.

(This contest is now closed.  Winners were selected on September 4 and announced & notified via Facebook.)

Carnotaurus Vs. Ouranosaurus…Finished at Last!

We delivered our 2 Carnotaurus and 2 Ouranosaurus costumes to the Royal Ontario Museum the week before the new exhibit opened with a mixture of sadness to see them go and total excitement to see them get enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of eager kids.  Before they left, however, we took the beasts to the nearest park and had a DINOSAUR SHOWDOWN!  The plant-eaters held their own, but as usual – the carnivores gave them a major run for their money! If the incredible fun my 4 amazing models had is any indicator – these will be a big hit at the museum! We’ll let the photos tell the story… Continue reading

Carnotaurus in the Workshop

I knew that my Royal Ontario Museum project had to include a big fierce meat-eater with lots of sharp teeth.  Julius Csotonyi‘s carnotaurus image from the exhibit was perfect!  This dino has the fabulous fierceness and sheer size of the more famous T-Rex, but has the added appeal of two big, blunt horns (hence the ‘taurus’ in its name).  I knew the features that I most wanted to give the kids to distinguish the experience of being a carnotaurus, were the huge, heavy tail, the horns and the spindly little short arms. Continue reading