Jillian Jiggs – Quintessential Dress-up Kid (Rainy Day Reads #2)

Here is a gal that can totally rival Max (of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) for the Dress-Up Crown. ‘Jillian Jiggs’ by Phoebe Gilman is a perfect and fun read right from the 2 & 3 year olds up to the older kids that still love to be read aloud to from the storybook collection.  Jillian is so full of imagination and creativity and joie de vivre that she’ll make you grin from ear to ear as you read.  Jillian’s great talent amongst her friends is that she is full of great new ideas to turn everyday items into a fantastic adventure. 

“Whenever they thought that was it, they were through…She’d change all their costumes and start something new.”  This great little story is full of colourful, busy illustrations that capture all of the joy and energy of her play.  Kids love the rhyming lines and the delicious fun of how Jillian drives her mother crazy with her mess.

“Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs!  It looks like your room has been lived in by pigs!”

Jillian’s fun always involves some sort of dress-up and costuming and it always makes a big mess (which she always promises to clean up…later).  The story culminates in the most delightful (for kids) image of Jillian’s mom fainting (“kerplop!”) at the sight of the mess in Jillian’s room.

There are a number of Jillian Jiggs books and other beautiful books by Phoebe Gilman – but the original ‘Jillian Jiggs’ is our very favourite because in it Jillian Jiggs is 100% Fancy Pants Kid!  I love this fictional child as if she were mine.  Perhaps because she is so like my own boys and when the neighbourhood kids come over and start pulling things out of the Tickle Trunk upstairs, the scene in my house is just like in the book!  This is a fantastic book for every family’s collection and a huge inspiration for Fancy Pants Kids’ designs.

Care to share a ‘kerplop’ memory of your own?  What is the biggest mess you’ve ever discovered after your kids have been having a blast indoors?