Wolfe & Petersen’s Pocket Carnival

Yahoo!  Toronto Buskerfest starts tomorrow!

Meet Eric Wolfe and Mike Petersen (both exceptionally talented puppeteers I met through my previous career in live theatre production).  These creative geniuses have joined forces in a fantastic performance at Buskerfest that will delight the proverbial ‘children of all ages’.  Woolfe & Petersen’s Pocket Carnival is modeled after the centuries-old traditions of the Punch and Judy show and the Flea Circus. (Here’s a little trailer for their performance.)

One thing I love about Buskers and the performers I meet at Buskerfest is that they are living the dreams of your creative, imaginative children as their adult careers!  Not every creative kid becomes a performing Artist of course, but in the work of some of these folks you can see how their childhood passions have grown and flowered into full-fledged careers…with nary a dull moment!

This will be Fancy Pants Kids’ fourth year as part of this incredible extravaganza of amazing international-calibre street performers.  You will find us next to the fountain in Market Lane – right on the edge of the Children’s Area and close to Stage #3. Come say ‘hi’ and enjoy our free dress-up area. For the gadget-inclined, search the App Store for the the free Buskerfest schedule app ‘Scotiabank Buskerfest‘.

What death-defying or hilarious performance has your child created, perfected and performed for you?