Power Cuffs…New Product Development

New FPK Power Cuff…fits mom too!

When I’m working on a new product, it’s always hard to turn away from the fun of design to get back to making sales calls, balancing my books or packing orders.  However, I’ve found a great new way to make the less-fun work seem like a piece of cake…I wear my new ‘Power Cuff’ prototypes while I work!  Makes me feel like I can do anything…including today’s unenviable task of preparing all the paperwork for my tax audit!  Sometimes grown-up challenges need childish solutions!

I’ve been working on a concept for simple cuffs that can evoke a broad range of imaginative outputs for kids.  Indeed in some forms they look like superhero cuffs, but I’m watching kids play with these and they are taking them in tons of other directions…robot hands, laser shooters, claws, electric shockers and simply marvellous beautiful jewellery.

Fancy Pants Kids…on the cutting table

I’m hoping that this design will prove to have equal appeal to folks shopping for boy and girls alike. In my testing I am certainly seeing equal enjoyment.  I showed my first prototypes for a lightning bolt design to boys at my home studio and they went bananas for it – begging me to finish sewing them so that they could use them.  Forced to content themselves with the existing prototypes, they went off to the kids’ bedroom to find accessories in the dress-up trunk to go with the Power Cuffs.  The play did culminate in ‘flying’ off the top of the bunk bed.

I think I’m on to something…