100 Petticoats and Sings like a Canary

One of my greatest pleasures in this public event/vending lifestyle is meeting fabulous people at shows and festivals.  For some reason, (hmm…) the most interesting of people are drawn to Fancy Pants Kids booth and I have had the honour of developing casual friendships with some absolutely fascinating and fabulous folks.  The One of a Kind Show is no exception and I’ve seen many of my favourite folks already in the 7 days past.  Today I share with you a 54 second video of Virgin who comes to every event in a different colour dress and hat with an impressive 100 petticoats underneath.  Virgin is a retired musicologist with a beautiful voice…performing for you at the Fancy Pants Kids castle.  As you can see, Virgin loves dress-up just as much as any of the kids that are drawn to my booth.  I was unable to capture the whole performance due to limited space on my camera/phone.

Watch the operatic performance here.

Tonight is late-night shopping – we are open from 10am to 11pm.  One of a Kind continues until Sunday at the Direct Energy Centre.  Shop from 800 Canadian Artisans under one roof.  We are at booth Z-05.



Kicking off One of a Kind

It’s our biggest retail show of the year – 800 vendors of Canadian-made art and craft over 11 long days of holiday shopping.  If you haven’t been to One of a Kind, I recommend it as a one-stop shopping venue for all the gifts you may wish to give.  You are supporting Canadian crafter/entrepreneurs and keeping your money in the local economy.  Busy days – come visit us at Z-05!


Big Set-up Day

Today is the first day of set up for One of a Kind…this means I’ve had a castle in my dining room for the last few days as I figure out exactly how to display and merchandise this year.  (My kids love it when the castle is set up in the house and I always find toys [or boys] in the castle when I look inside!)  All the bits and pieces of my display are piled up in the front rooms, ready to load into the rental van at 6am.  The next 48 hours are always a blur and I resolve to not start my castle load-in the way I did my first one three years ago…

Load-In, One of a Kind Show Spring 2010…This is NOT how I plan to start tomorrow!

Our Artisan profile for One of a Kind Show.

Discount tickets for One of a Kind Show.


The Button Factory

Yesterday’s errands brought me to one of my favourite suppliers – Stirling Button, an old-school, old-feel button factory not far from my home in downtown Toronto west.  Usually I enjoy the factory from the ‘showroom’ where a century of buttons and fasteners are displayed on yellowed boards and your order is collected from the tall narrow shelves at the back, weighed out and processed manually using carbon paper receipts.  However yesterday when I arrived, I was directed to enter by a different door due to an ongoing renovation – I entered into the actual button-making part of the factory and got to see behind the scenes.  Buttons, particularly large quantities of them are like treasures and I find this old factory beautiful and miraculous.  I’ve got to get back to the sewing machine… One of a Kind is only a few days away (starts November 22!)  So enjoy these pictures from the Button Factory and imagine my delight at getting to see it in person. (FYI – the factory showroom is for wholesale customers only.) Continue reading