November is One of a Kind Show Countdown!

Detail work…I love the fiddly sewing!

I’ve been working like the proverbial Busy Beaver all fall to prepare new designs and stock for the upcoming Toronto Christmas One of a Kind Show.  Our busiest and best retail show of the year.  Eleven days of incredible holiday shopping from 800 Canadian Artisans!  As usual Fancy Pants Kids will be there with our beautiful little castle and some special things no one has seen before!  We will have some old favourites back in stock (red dragontails, Magic Circle Cloaks) and some great new items like our new Power Cuffs and Coronets, sword belts and a knight’s helmet!

My wall of inspiration, crap and children’s artwork.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to give you a bit of a backstage tour of life at this time of year – show you some of the amazing people and places that are part of my process and give you a sense of what my little workspace feels like at this time of year (hint: kind of like Santa’s workshop!)  I’ll give away some tickets to the show and give you a sneak peak at some of the new products.

This time of year is a true marathon…which culminates on November 22nd in the most intense 11 days of the entire year.  Imagine…800 other Artisans are all working like this too!  My head spins to imagine the industry and the raw power you’d be able to collect if you harnessed all our creative powers and energies…you’ll feel it in the hall at the Direct Energy Centre in 20 days.

Eeep!  20 days?  I gotta get back to the sewing machine!