Celebrating Children, Facing Our Fears

Our children challenge and reward us every day.  They give us hope, laughter and joy.  They call on us to stand up, get up, stay in the game.  They beg us to give of our selves and in return they bathe us in their innocence, exuberance and energy.  This week’s shocking shooting at a small town Connecticut primary school has caused so many of us to hold our children closer and reflect on our vulnerabilities as parents – the limitations of our ability to protect our children and the unthinkable horror of losing them.

I have no wisdom to share, but want to just share with you all that you are not alone in your reflections, pain, grief and confusion. Take comfort in your community and resolve to be part of the solution.

I found this article by a mother of a child with mental illness in the US moving.

Gratitude for Community

I find myself immersed in feelings of gratitude for the communities around me and today I would like to share two things that have made those feelings surge and flow this week.

#1 – Kind words from Atlanta, Georgia – Today, promptly after receiving her first FPK online order – a customer took the time to send the following note via our Facebook page.  I was so moved by her excitement, grateful to her for sharing and overjoyed for her children (because clearly their mom is AWESOME!) Here is what she said: Continue reading

Dueling to the Finish!

As we celebrate the last couple days of our biggest show of the year, here’s a fantastic duel that occurred in the aisle outside my booth this week.

Watch the duel here.(25 seconds)

This is the final weekend of One of a Kind. We are open from 10am to 9pm today (Saturday, December 1) and from 10am to 6pm tomorrow (Sunday, December 2).  Our new Sword Belts are sold out (but we are making more before Christmas!).  Power Cuff Combos are very popular and going fast – as are Green Dragontail Costumes.  Snatch these items now if they are on your shopping list!