Children at Play

Super Nutkin

IMG_8196IMG_8189Today, more from the workshop.  I continue to work at building a large collection of unique superhero costumes for our next party rental collection.  This little costume was inspired by a little acorn drawing my son did when I asked him what he thought would make good superhero logos.  The headpiece is meant to be a grey squirrel, but since it really looks like a mouse, I think it will end up being a mouse head on another costume and I’ll try another tactic with the squirrel head.

IMG_8190I’ve been asking kids what super powers they think this guy has and the answers are great…one thing they all agree on…this superhero is totally NUTS!

Toybox – Creativity in a New Dimension


Tristan flies through the Toronto skyline in a red Classic Supercape while little brother, Phelan pummels him with virtual donuts using the Toybox’s Console of Power!

Yesterday I took my boys to an incredible hands-on traveling art installation called ‘Toybox’.  It is the creation of Playground Studios and is currently open until September 15 at Theatre Passe Muraille.  Toybox is an interactive play space for people of all ages, where cutting edge digital and projection technology is put in the hands of even the smallest players, who are free to create amazing special effects on screen with the help of green screen tricks, lighting, sound and (of course) COSTUMES!  The space also provides creative art materials and building blocks – encouraging creative expression of all kinds from audience members of all ages. Continue reading

When Your Heart Simply Bursts With Love For Your Child

Phelan dances and sings amidst the wreckage of tents at Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Sale

I have a small boy to thank for turning around a terrible day and bringing joy to me and to others in the way that only children can.  Making a product yourself and marketing it at retail & craft shows is hard, hard work.  Our little pop-up shops (whether indoors or outdoors) take a lot of heavy lifting, schlepping and crazy logistics (none the least of which is childcare) to pull off.  Obviously I love what I do and I do love the direct contact with my customers and the mutual joy when a new customer finds my booth/tent and exclaims, “where have you been?  I love this!” Continue reading

Do Kids ‘Outgrow’ Dress-up?

These big boys (or young men) came into my tent at Buskerfest like they’d been flying around their living room in dishtowel capes just yesterday!

Do kids outgrow dress-up?  I believe not.  At least not the ones who truly explored the joys of costumed imaginative play as a child.  As your child ages, inevitable layers of self-consciousness and social anxiety may impede their joyous self-expression in public and outside of the ‘safety’ of their homes.  But at heart, most of those kids still love to dress-up and will seize the opportunity if they are feeling confident and safe. Continue reading

Jillian Jiggs – Quintessential Dress-up Kid (Rainy Day Reads #2)

Here is a gal that can totally rival Max (of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) for the Dress-Up Crown. ‘Jillian Jiggs’ by Phoebe Gilman is a perfect and fun read right from the 2 & 3 year olds up to the older kids that still love to be read aloud to from the storybook collection.  Jillian is so full of imagination and creativity and joie de vivre that she’ll make you grin from ear to ear as you read.  Jillian’s great talent amongst her friends is that she is full of great new ideas to turn everyday items into a fantastic adventure.  Continue reading