Children at Play

Carnotaurus Vs. Ouranosaurus…Finished at Last!

We delivered our 2 Carnotaurus and 2 Ouranosaurus costumes to the Royal Ontario Museum the week before the new exhibit opened with a mixture of sadness to see them go and total excitement to see them get enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of eager kids.  Before they left, however, we took the beasts to the nearest park and had a DINOSAUR SHOWDOWN!  The plant-eaters held their own, but as usual – the carnivores gave them a major run for their money! If the incredible fun my 4 amazing models had is any indicator – these will be a big hit at the museum! We’ll let the photos tell the story… Continue reading

When is Getting Dirty Good for You?

I’ve never been overly obsessed with staying clean.  Perhaps this is comes of being raised getting good-honest-dirty working on my family’s farm?  University years spent planting trees in recently burned forests certainly didn’t help.

It’s not like I ENJOY being grimy and filth-covered from head to toe – but there is something to be said for the experience.  When you’re covered in muck or soaked to the bone, you have a very clear feeling that you’ve had an authentic experience that you can feel in your pores and it’s regardless of whether it was a thrilling water fight or a nasty cold sleet storm, generally it’s something you won’t forget soon!

I believe that children grow exponentially from such memories…the dirtier, the more memorable. That’s why it was a no-brainer when my husband told me about a huge Paint Fight that was going to be taking place in a nearby neighbourhood as part of their art festival.  Naturally we would take the kids and of course we would participate! Continue reading