Super Nutkin

IMG_8196IMG_8189Today, more from the workshop.  I continue to work at building a large collection of unique superhero costumes for our next party rental collection.  This little costume was inspired by a little acorn drawing my son did when I asked him what he thought would make good superhero logos.  The headpiece is meant to be a grey squirrel, but since it really looks like a mouse, I think it will end up being a mouse head on another costume and I’ll try another tactic with the squirrel head.

IMG_8190I’ve been asking kids what super powers they think this guy has and the answers are great…one thing they all agree on…this superhero is totally NUTS!

Working on the Superhero Collection

IMG_8108We’ve been quiet lately – focused on steering the Fancy Pants Kids ship in a new direction – with focus on our parties, costume collection rentals and workshops.  Our current creative project is building a full collection of assorted superheroes for party rental.  No longer just our supercapes and crowns – but unique non-branded hero personalities with lots of matching accessories.  Kids can choose one of these costumes and create their own story, superhero name and personality.

Today take a look at one of our recent additions to the collection.

We will be sharing some of the new additions as they come out of the workshop.  The superhero collection will be ready for rental by the end of May.  Contact us to book your party date now!

Have you or your child always had a fun idea for a superhero?  Share your ideas and if we create one of your ideas, we will send you a surprise gift!