Mixed up Mayhem

A rich assortment of all of Fancy Pants Kids amazing designs (including dragontails, knights, supercapes, animal ears, magic circle cloaks, funky wunkies and more!) We recommend this collection for the host that wants to allow for an endless range of creative possibilities.

Medieval Magic

Indulge all the fantasies of knights, dragons, kings, queens and wizards with a rich collection of our exclusive designs.

Simply Superheroes

Simply Superheroes

Just like it says, our Classic Supercapes in every colour of the rainbow in sizes to fit everyone at your party – even the grown-ups! Also matching headbands and other superhero headwear. Also includes some Magic Circle Cloaks and other fun accessories for the dressier superheros.

Wild Things

Beasts and creatures galore! Dragons, dinosaurs, bats, rats, cats, pixies, flowers and fierce wild elves. This collection of Fancy Pants Kids costumes is guaranteed to bring out the Wild Thing within.

Call us and we will help you choose or create the right collection for your party! Collections are customized for each party according to the age range of the children attending, to ensure a good fit. We always include a few items that grown-ups can wear too! There will be enough pieces for everyone to have lots of choices and be able to try a number of different costumes.