(SALE) Supercapes Ages 2-3, 4-6

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There is no question that every kid needs a cape, which explains why the Classic Supercape is our best-seller! Made from light-weight, vibrantly-coloured wicking mesh with Scotchgard™ protection, our Classic Supercape is cool, soft, breathable, quick-drying and stain resistant! Your young superhero (or other flying beast) will be easy to spot at the park, beach or at crowded events with their brightly-coloured cape flying in the breeze. Classic Supercapes provide a little extra protection from the sun and can be washed and dried as often as needed without losing their vibrancy. The collar attaches with a modest amount of Velcro to ensure breakaway safety, and the contoured shape of the cape minimizes tripping hazard. Two unique elastic ‘Superloops’ (where the superpowers are stored!) allow superheroes, butterflies and fairies to maximize their wingspan and catch more air!

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